Meli Cabin

This is one of the smaller cabins. This cottage is named after a beautiful Melí tree that is at the entrance.

The cottage is 41square meters plus terrace and an access hall. The interior is just one room, with one area for the double bed and another for the living room that has a couch that fits two more people.

The kitchen at one side of the cabin is completely equipped with oven, small regrigerator , electric kettle etc. It also has central heating with heated floors in the bathroom, radiators, Lenga Wood double glass windows, thermo acoustic isolation and wood stove.

The cabin has an elegant combination of black and white in the interior that contrasts with the warmth of the recycled native woods, and craft made wood furniture made here. This cabin has this incredible view to the blue lake at one side, and the most intense green of the creek at the other side of the cabin.