These cozy wooden cabins, have a traditional local style construction, the noble architecture melts in the natural surroundings. Conceived on a small scale, showing respect for the environment and surroundings.

Native Forest and Amazing Views

Quebrada Verde cabins is an exclusive group of 4 luxury cabins that are located on route 225, only 7kms from the city of Puerto Varas and 4kms form the nearest supermarket.

They are located on the shore of Llanquihue Lake, with a great beach protected from the southerly wind, with privileged views to the lake and great green areas that penetrate into the ravine.

They are placed between native trees like Arrayanes, Ulmos, Melíes, and Coihues. In the area you can find a great number of bird species and when you wake up you are going to be able to listen to their singing while they nest in the ravine of the Minte creek.

There is a big cabin for 6 people and 3 smaller cabins for one couple each with the capacity to lodge 2 more people on a couch. All cabins have central heating, equipped kitchens, private bathroom and a wood stove for those romantic and nostalgic days of rain. They also have a private terrace with a barbeque.

They have a rustic elegant style with traditional Chilote architectonic, as recognition to the architecture of the ancestral people melted with the settlers that arrived to the area a long time ago.

Our main idea is beauty, convince in the premise that if something is beautiful, it is good. Part of this beauty comes from 70% of noble recycle materials from witch they are constructed with. The construction materials comes from old barns from near by farms. Mostly recycled woods that come alive bringing us a warm unique ambience.

From the outside they are covered with Alerce shingles, also recycled, Roble and Laurel beams, Mañío wood floors, insulated windows and wall insulation with cellulose. These cabins are energy high efficient, showing our compromise with the environment.

You can also ask Rosita for her incredible home made bread, empanadas and pies. Rosita and Oscar are in charge of making sure you have a great time here.